1987 AF F 1974 NP R AF 1967 missing 1966 AF R

The idea behind this site is to provide a resource for collectors of Scunthorpe Gala mugs – essentially a pictorial guide to the issued mugs. The majority of the mugs on the site at the moment are mine, but I’m hoping that viewers will send in photos of any mugs that don’t appear here, so that the full set will eventually emerge.

You can browse all the gala mugs. Or view by company……….

Other gala related items.  Plates and Pin dishes

Not a gala mug, but one from Ashby Institute. Ashby Institute

And some Odds & Sods.

Stay up-to-date with new additions by connecting on Facebook .. ..

If you have any pictures of mugs that are not shown here, or other gala info that could be added to the site, please contact me, David Neilson.


    1. Carol, those early Lysaghts mugs are scarce. If you would be happy to photograph any of your mugs that don’t appear on the web site and send them to me, I will add them to the site, and give you credit for the photos. There is a contact form on the web site. Thanks for your interest. Dave

  1. Hi this is mandy riley at scunthorpe rabbit rescue I have been given a box of old gala mugs can you please help to value all proceeds to the above rescue. 07816978296

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