Apppleby Frodingham 1975 – Steam Engines

Steam Engines

1975 AF F1

“Burrell” Showman’s Tractor “Peter Pan” 1912

Manufactured by Charles Burrell & Sons “Peter Pan” was a 4NHP engine no. 3433. A Showman’s road locomotive is a steam powered road-going ‘locomotive’ designed to provide power and transport for a travelling fair or circus. Similar to other road-going traction engines, Showman’s engines were normally distinguished by the addition of a full-length canopy, a dynamo mounted in front of the chimney, and brightly coloured paintwork with ornate decorations. The dynamo was used to generate electricity to illuminate and power various  fairground rides.

1975 AF F2

“Fowler” Steam Road Locomotive “Simon” 1918

“Simon” was probably a 2 gear, 8NHP road locomotive manufactured by John Fowler & Co.

1975 AF F3

“Foster” Steam Traction Engine “Acquitania” 1914

“Acquitania” was a Showman’s engine, manufactured by William Foster of Lincoln in 1914.

1975 AF F4

“Wantage” Steam Road Locomotive 1904

The “Wantage” was manufactured by Wantage Engineering Co. Ltd., and was an 8 hp single cylinder traction engine.

1975 AF F5

“Aveling and Porter” Steam Roller 1903

Aveling and Porter was a British agricultural engine and steam roller manufacturer. Thomas Aveling and Richard Thomas Porter entered into partnership in 1862, developed a steamengine three years later in 1865. The company became the largest manufacturer of steam rollers in the world.

AF 1975 missing

Photo courtesy of Helen Marris

1975 AF R

Appleby Frodingham Children’s Gala Saturday 7th June 1975